Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Circus McGuirkus


I am Elizabeth McGuirk, aka Liz to a lot of people, and this is my personal blog.  I have been blogging already for 3-1/2 years at Frugally Blonde, a frugal blog which I recently decided to bring to a close.  I also still blog at Catholic Deals, which is just like it sounds - a blog featuring great deals for Catholics (and many of interest to other Christians as well).

I am a wife and stay-at-home mom in my late twenties.  I am married to M, who works in IT and we are blessed with three children. Our kiddos are "GiGi," a rising first grader who is sometimes almost-six-going-on-thirty and is sometimes just plain five and three quarters; "LuLu," my crazy, exuberant almost four year old; and "Gem," my sweet "baby" boy who is almost two.  These are not my children's real names, and I don't publish their real names or their complete pictures on my blogs.

Here are our "Circus McGuirkus" I will be posting about my faith, family, cooking, my attempts and frugal and simple living, or anything else that jumps to mind.

Thanks for stopping by!

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