Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'm Back!

So, it's time for me to pick back up with this little blog.   Coincidentally (or not), I see that it was two years ago this month that I published my last post.

No big explanation or excuses why I stopped writing after a short time.  It's been a rough 2-1/2 years around here, with my husband's unemployment/underemployment and all the family stress that comes with it.  The past year has been a lot better on the job front, however, and his present position is stable, though not permanent.

I've composed tons of posts for this blog in my head, and it's time to let some of them out.  Don't necessarily look for profundity though - really, I just want somewhere to publish pictures of my kids' parties.

One topic that I'm planning to blog about this year is homeschooling.  After three years in Catholic school, we had to make the tough decision to withdraw this year for financial reasons and to homeschool.  We loved - and I mean *loved* - our Catholic school, and we are hoping to send the kids back as soon as next year. 

But although many tears were shed over this decision, I am determined to enjoy our year homeschooling.  I am treating it as a special "gap year" and an opportunity to spend extra time with my kids and to do some things that it is difficult to find time for with the school schedule.  I have some fun ideas, and, of course, they don't count unless you blog about them, right?

So, to any of you still following - Hello!